Merry Christmas friends!

Good tidings and joy descended upon us on this holy days. The gift of hope and everlasting life is brought to us. Make your family and friends feel your love in this magical season! Merry Christmas! Advertisements

The weirdest Spa treatments!

Originally posted on SPA MUSIC PARADISE:
Poop on your face? Carps eating your feet? This is not a joke, those are real Spa treatments for brave ones. The list of 5 of the most weirdest Spa offers will give you shivers! 1. Snake massage Apparently, unusual massage technique in da Baraks carnivorous plant farm in…

111 Relaxing Tracks for Massage – new album!

Relaxing Tracks for Massage Music to Aromatherapy, SPA & Wellness, Reiki Healing, Relaxation Therapy. You can listen to the music on Spotify : You can download the album form iTunes, Amazon or Google Play store.

Fun Easter!

Easter is a time that you should spend with family and friends, so don’t waste it! Spa Music Consort wishes you to be thankful for what you have, to be happy every day. It is important to brighten up and make someone’s day much better. Easter is here. That’s why I’m here. Greeting you with…

Spa Music Session

Spa Music Session Be and feel at ease with help of my soothing music. This record contains beautiful Spa therapy instrumental background music interwoven with blissful sounds of Nature. There are no words to sing along and distract a beautician from executing the beauty therapies perfectly. You can download this album on  iTunes, Google Play Store and…

111 Relaxing Tracks for Massage

111 Relaxing Tracks for Massage Take a look on my medley of specially selected pieces of tranquil tracks best for massage treatments. This album is also up on iTunes, Google Play Store and Amazon

Relaxing Bubble Bath Music

Taking Relaxing Bubble Bath is a perfect way to leisure after long going week. Set this SPA music to feel like you partake in Wellness Centre treatment at your home! You can find this outstanding piece online. This Record is available on iTunes, Google Play Store, Amazon.

Healing Therapy Room

Healing Therapy Room This wonderful record full of harmonious melodies is specially designed tracks of background instrumental music for Luxury Spas. Soothing sounds will strengthen effects of beauty and healing treatments. You may listen to this unique piece of 50 relaxing tracks on iTunes, Google Play Store or Amazon.

New album – The Healing Touch – MUSIC

The Healing Touch Music is Sound. Sound is Vibrations. Vibration is a Nature of a Reality. This special album features music in the right frequencies to heal your body. The Cure is in the Sound. Take advantage! Listen to the music Download it from iTunes, Amazon, Google play store

Merry Christmas!

May you have The gladness of Christmas which is hope; The spirit of Christmas which is peace; The heart of Christmas which is love. Ada V. Hendricks Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!